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In the murky waters of ‘licensing and accreditation’ that exist today we’re a little bit excited to have stumbled upon this brilliant set of guidelines from the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA).

Produced in June this year, these guidelines offer up-to-date information for anyone involved in the lettings industry.

As we may have mentioned once or twice here at InventoryBase we like things to be straightforward, logical and easy to understand and I don’t think things come much easier than this.

Having every aspect of the lettings process covered in one document makes it really easy to find and research anything you need to know – whether you’re a landlord, tenant or letting agent.

Part of the introduction:

“The guidance broadly follow(s) the ‘lettings journey’, from when letting agents first advertise their services to landlords, through advertising to potential tenants, arranging tenancy agreements and subsequent dealings with tenants in occupation, right up to the termination of a tenancy agreement. Practical steps to help you comply with the law, plus examples of conduct or practices which might breach the law are set out for each stage.”

So whatever your role in the industry you should be able to find what you’re looking for here.  Easy.

To take a look at the guidelines for yourself click here