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With the impending implementation of new measures such as the Tenants Fees Bill, professionally conducted inventory inspections are predicted to become an even more vital and important part of managing property. There will be many other aspects of the new regulations that will transform the way letting agents operate. Many letting agents will likely face a conundrum, as they will be unable to charge tenants for any inventories performed, and as a letting agent, you charge landlords for the time taken in managing their properties, which can prove a difficult task.

Your inventories are of great importance, and by creating efficient and professional reports, you can ensure that your business keeps track of the property’s condition. This will make it much simpler to prove if the tenant must pay for certain damage done to the property. Professional inventories therefore create added value for your landlords, and will neutralise any added costs charged to them, and will ultimately allow you to defend the cost of your service to your clients. As a letting agent, it is also of vital importance to ensure your business complies with any new regulations and rules implemented for private rented properties. This includes recording everything relating to the property correctly and accurately.

By producing professional inventory reports, you are able to easily confirm your compliance with the fitness for human habitation bill, new EPC norms, security and health and safety standards. The introduction of these measures means that modern technologies, tools and ways of working within the private rented sector have become essential. There are now many cases where paper and pen is no longer effective, accurate and efficient, and where the implementation of modern technology into the workplace, with inspection and inventory tools, will make the jobs of letting agents much easier.

Performing efficient and detailed inspections is the basis on which all property management businesses operate, and it is essential that the correct data is collected. By gathering the right data, you can ensure that the information you accumulate assists you in generating practical and reliable information. There is technology available on the market now which specialises in creating various inspection solutions which are specifically tailored to the lettings sector.

A professional inventory tool is much more than a checklist available on a tablet, it can offer a variety of systems which help you overcome the inspection challenges that are prevalent in the industry, while supporting your clients and processes. Well designed and practical solutions will allow your business to become far more organised.

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