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The slogan ‘There’s an app for that’ is so catchy that Apple has trademarked it. It’s been around for a few years now, but it still rings true today. Whatever you need to do, whether for work or leisure, there is an app which can help you. Latest figures show there are more than one million apps available in the leading stores, such as Apple, Google Play and Amazon App. These help people stay connected 24/7, whether they want to transfer money from their bank account, chat to colleagues, watch breaking news or book a property, they can do it from their phone.

Landlords, letting agents and tenants are also finding these apps can help tremendously in the private rental sector. As well as being able to ‘virtually view’ properties, tenants can also rent properties or book viewings if they wish. Apps can be used to improve communications between landlords and tenants, speed up the rental process, and to improve the safety and security of tenants. As an example, tenants could report a leak or damage to property just by taking a photo of it, or they could have a safe button to use in the event of a fire or other emergency, if they live in a flat or house of multiple occupation. These are all ways to make life easier and more secure for both parties, while also providing a transparent and immediate line of communication. By using technology and opening up access, landlords are also seen as more professional.

Already, leases, contracts, inventories, rents and other bills can be stored on a phone and shared between a landlord and agent. This means all administration is kept in one place – usually in the cloud – so it is always readily available and can be used as evidence in case of a dispute or mix-up. Apps could also be used to organise all aspects of a tenant moving in. Access to the property could be done through an app, rather than having to pick up the keys, while smartphones could also be used to control the lighting and heating.

Proptech is making life more straightforward on all walks of business life, with companies working together to provide deals for each other and their customers. As another example, the build-to-rent developer, Moda Living, has announced a proptech tie-up to cut car ownership. Residents who do not have cars will be given £100 worth of Uber trips each month, using an app made for Moda. Managing director, Johnny Caddick, said it is vital to embrace future technology. Moda Living prides itself on combining technological advances and building techniques to design rental communities with spaces for residents to live, work and play, The Moda app reacts to the wants and needs of residents who can access their rental account and keep on top of bookings, social events and information on services such as the concierge, sports facilities, gym or car club. This is just one way that an app is improving life for tenants, while boosting the image of professionals working in the private rental sector.

InventoryBase is changing how landlords and letting agents carry out inspections. Not only can reports be created and produced directly on a mobile device, without the need for an internet connection – we have the ability to integrate with other systems, import and merge existing reports and much much more.

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