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What makes us different? At InventoryBase we’re constantly immersed in the world of development – working hard on the software and its delivery at all times. Because of this it’s easy to get lost in our own world, so to get some perspective we asked our customers what defines us – what do they think makes us unique and why they’ve chosen InventoryBase.

The results indentified three key areas we excel at – and we couldn’t be prouder!

Our Integrity.

Never losing data – we have a host of failsafe systems in place to make sure whatever happens, once data reaches us, nothing you do can be lost. Inventories are crucial to the lettings process so we make sure they’re saved every step of the way – from the App saving your reports and photos, to entire data backups that store everything in text format, to detailed logging to track what happens at every step – we offer all property clerks peace of mind.

Round the clock support.

We don’t rest. We designed, built and manage InventoryBase ourselves. So we don’t need to refer to manufacturers instructions or put you on hold to speak to someone in tech support – we’re the real deal. InventoryBase is our baby and we know every file, piece of code and interface inside out. Whenever our clerks need assistance we’re here to help via email, phone or in person, there’s nothing we don’t know or can’t help with.

Pace of development.

There’s no waiting around for upgrades at InventoryBase. Because we created the software we’re passionate about moving it forward and constantly refining the system and making improvements. As a result we’re able to take onboard all feedback and do something with it – we don’t need to pass it on and wait for a response – we start thinking about what you’ve said the second you’ve said it.

We know there are imitators out there – that’s business. But by speaking to our customers we now know that InventoryBase leads the pack thanks to our unrivalled knowledge of our product and passion for what we do. So thanks everyone – we’re chuffed with that!

We are careful with your data.

We are here for you 24/7.

We are always moving forward.

We are InventoryBase