This white paper, titled “Bridging the Sales & Conveyancing Divide,” delves into the transformative role of technology in overcoming the challenges faced by the industry.

We’ll look at the most vital roles in the property transaction process, asking questions about the nature of their work and what changes need to happen to create a better future for the industry. We’ll also look at the advancements in digital transformation, blockchain and data, three key trends in real estate at this time, and we’ll consider the ever-evolving role of technology and what we can do to ensure we get the most out of it.

Key Topics Explored in this White Paper:

  • Supporting change in the property industry
  • Technology & Collaboration: Uniting a fragmented industry
  • Changing the shape of the modern estate agent practice, from demand, consumers and technologies
  • Standardising and digitising data
  • Mitigating delays in the property transaction process
  • Overcoming the barriers to adoption
  • The importance of collaboration in proptech


White Paper
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