InventoryBase Workstreams

Outsource your property reports to professional inventory providers around the UK

What is InventoryBase Workstreams?

Workstreams is a new module provided within InventoryBase that enables anyone to outsource property visits like inventory/check out reports to local and experienced suppliers vetted by InventoryBase.

Using Workstreams, property managers can outsource specifically selected property reports on-demand and wait for the final report to be delivered.

How does it work?

1 Workstreams Step 1

Add property details including address, size and level of furnishing

2 Workstreams Step 2

Choose the date of the property visit and type of report

3 Workstreams Step 3

Submit to InventoryBase Workstreams and await bids

4 Workstreams Step 4

Select supplier to work with and add payment details

5 Workstreams Step 5

Sit back and wait for supplier to deliver the completed report

6 Workstreams Step 6

Release payment and rate your supplier

Do I need an InventoryBase account?

You will require an InventoryBase subscription to combine completing your own internal reports like periodic inspections and outsourcing selected property reports on-demand.

You do not require an InventoryBase account if you only want to outsource reports. InventoryBase provides a secure link to communicate with suppliers and track progress directly online.

If you are a software vendor or distributor, or want to initiate orders from your own internal system, contact us for an API key and we will assist setting up your service for free.

InventoryBase Workstreams
Choose your own Supplier

Can I choose who I want to work with?

Yes, though you will require an InventoryBase account to be able to link your preferred/existing suppliers.

If you’re using Workstreams without an existing supplier who uses InventoryBase, you will be presented with bids to select who you’d like to work with based on the profiles and history of each bidder.

Register your Interest

Prices are set by suppliers and vary regionally. An approximate total price will be estimated once job details have been entered. Prices start from £45 + VAT